Craig’s Woodshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Craig from Springfield, OH
Added on July 23, 2008

Here are some pics of my very small one car garage woodshop! Here I am pictured with my current project, a small bookcase. This is about the largest piece I can handle as you will see in the rest of the pictures, I have very limited space!

The door you see in the first pic leads to a small room that contains a furnace for a 600 sq foot addition we added to the back of our home. While building, I took advantage of the situation and used the furnace to heat and cool the shop. I also use this small room for tool storage and sharpening. The green tool chest holds all of my hand planes, marking tools, chisels, dovetail saws, etc. You can see my jointer, table saw, and work bench are all crammed together on a wall. Believe it or not it actually works quite well! Large pieces of stock or sheet goods are impossible to machine here but that’s where the Festool comes in! If you look closely, under the work bench you can see my router table. (I just pull it out and set it on the bench to use it.)

One pic shows how I share the storage area with the furnace for our addition. When we did the addition I also increased the electrical capacity. My shop went from a few outlets with about 20A total to more than 20 outlets and 100 Amps! The wall to the right is a pegboard wall that I use to store all my templates and some tools.

I absolutely love my Festool, I use it almost exclusively to build my projects. I’m a huge fan of the entire system. I have 2 MFTs, a large one and a smaller one which is folded up and sitting next to the MFT1080. If I could do it over again, my entire shop would be Festool from the beginning! With my limited space, the Festool system is a great fit. Another shot shows the inside of the storage/furnace room. I have a sharpening area set up in there as well as my shop stereo, (with sat radio) and a TV with a DVD for watching instructional videos. I also use this area for tool storage. All four walls are pegboard from floor to ceiling. Thickness planer, miter saw, band saw, dust collection, and wood storage are all very close together. The cool thing is that the dust collector can handle all these stationary machines from where it sits without duct work!

Well that’s my small, but efficient shop! I absolutely love to work in here because everything is just a few steps away. Its warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and thanks to Festool its almost completely dust free! Its a very enjoyable place to spend whatever free time I can manage. I hope you enjoyed my little shop tour as much I enjoyed sharing it with you!


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