CrackPotWoody’s Basement Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Gregg (CrackPotWoody)
Added on May 29, 2008

It’s been a long process getting a shop that I feel is workable and productive. I’ve gotten more serious over the past year or so, since we built our new home. I like having the shop in the basement, its close by, year round consistency of temperatures and humidity, and Im lucky to have plenty of room. The shop is finally getting close to where I want it to be, and Ive even been able to get a few projects out the door along the way. Theres even one in the works (2 cherry night stands) on the assembly table.

I’ve added a few pieces of equipment and accessories over the past year. I’ve had the Grizzly contractors saw, 6″ jointer, and belt/disk sander for about 10 years. I just added the Incra fence and router table/lift to the saw this year. The Ridgid planer was bought from the 2007 woodworking show. I’ve added dust collection, an OSS, Mitre saw, PC dovetail jig, Steel City mortiser, and most recently, a craigslist find of a 16/32 drum sander. I’m sure I’m forgetting many other things, because UPS is always at my house. Next big thing on my list is a new band saw to replace the 10″ craftsman, and maybe a jointer upgrade. Additional electric and a lighting upgrade are a must too.

The assembly table (4′ x 6′) was inspired by David Marks design. But I went about the process a little different then most others do. Rather then using sawhorses to make the dead flat surface to construct the torsion box on, I built the base first. I then leveled the base out to get a dead flat surface and then used it to construct the torsion box on. I have the height set to match the table saw, so it can also serve as an extra outfeed table for anything really long coming off the saw. As you can see, nothing fancy for the base or for that matter any of my work tables. They’re built to get the job done.

It’s still a work in progress. A few more workbenches to make and new lights and electric, and its still just almost there. So maybe a shop is never really complete. Thanks for taking a look.


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