Chris’ Basement Work Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Chris from Duluth, MN
Added on June 4, 2015

I used to work out of a two stall garage, shared with my car and my utility room. I had lots of storage space (wall length cabinetry and custom shelves) space to work on large sheet goods, and more space than I knew what to do with. Certain changes led me to work out of an unfinished L-shaped basement that is 8.5’x 22′ in the longer leg and 11’x 6′ in the smaller part. I do assembly on the floor or I wheel one of my benches over.

I’ve downgraded from the Ridgid R4512 to a portable contractor’s job site saw by Dewalt. Changed from a 12″ sliding compound miter saw to a simple 10″ chop saw. I still have some good storage and have simplified the number of tools I actually have. My new shop is sorta set up when needed (smaller power tools off to the side and lifted to the bench as needed). Dust collection is my shop vac/cyclone.

I purposely left it a little cluttered in the photos, because that is the way I usually operate in my shop. I’m working on that shop cleanliness thing, but it is a work in progress! I’m not really installing anything too permanently in the shop because I plan to move in a year or so to a place where I can once again have more shop space.

I don’t usually keep 80 bd ft of rough walnut on hand, but my wonderful wife (who lets me use the basement out of the kindness of her heart) has requested a nice TV stand. This should be a challenge, and it will be my first “go-it-alone” type of fine woodworking project.

Tool List: Dewalt DW713 10″ miter saw; Dewalt DW745 Contractor table saw; Ridgid WD1270 shop vac with cyclone; Ridgid R24012 Compact Router; Ryobi 9″ cheap POS bandsaw; Skil 10″ drill press 3320-01; Festool ETS125 sander; Festool TS55 track saw; Festool OF1010 Router; and a few assorted hand planes and basic hand tools/drills/chisels/etc.


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