Boj’s Garage Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Boj from Barneveld, Holland
Added on June 29, 2013

Hi, I’m Boj and I am 16 and this is my shop. I have included photos of my Snap-on kra2212a toolbox (I call it my Roles-Royce), my router with a new router bit purchased to build the Guild Shaker Table and some of my planes and chisels.

One photo is of my workbench with my shaker table in progress. And lastly is my new router table and my new metabo bandsaw. Its not a very big workshop with very good tools (some are) like Marc’s beautiful workshop, but for now it works.

Here is an update from my shop. There’s been a lot of change in a year. First there’s new electrical wiring and 12 outlets. I bought a Festool kapex as well as some other Festool stuff. I have a new planer/jointer, a hammer a3-31, and a Felder af14 dust extractor. I made a big cabinet for my kapex, with drawers for all my hand tools, finishes, sandpaper and screws (I still need to make the last drawers). I recently bought a Wadkin Bursgreen tablesaw from the 70’s with a new motor. I hope I can make a new workbench this autumn with a Lie-Nielsen chain vice and a Benchcrafted tail vise.


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