Bob in Georgia – Shop Tour

Shop Tour -
Added on August 5, 2008

This week’s Shop comes from Bob in GA. This is what he has to say:

When I first met this 12 1/2 X 17 1/2 (ID) block building, it was in shambles. The roof was nearly gone and the unpainted block walls were dirty and moldy from neglect. The inside concrete floor was turning to powder from exposure to the elements from the near missing roof. The door did not function and many of the windows were broken. I almost made the decision to bulldoze it down.

After learning a little history about our property, we found out that this building served as the small town fire house back in the horse and buggy days. The wagon itself was kept in this building and the horses were kept in the stable located nearby. Armed with this knowledge, I decided the building would not be torn down, but rather restored and made to look like a country store which would house my woodworking hobby. Much work went into the building over a 3 year period to bring it to what you see in the pictures. I widened the sidewalk making a platform that allows me to roll my tools outside to work on nice days. This makes clean up really great and adds work space as well. Although the shop is small on space, I keep it well organized which makes it adequate and safe to work in. I have grown to love my little corner in the world and would not trade it for triple the space, even if I had that choice.

Outside of Shop Entrance

Back Wall Right Corner Workbench


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