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Shop Tour -
Added on February 26, 2009

Alan has some great images of his shop. Let’s see what he has to say:

I think I’ve gotten my shop off to a good start, but it still has a long way to go. I got good tools, in the good locations, good lighting, electricity from the ceiling to keep the floor clear, and good dust collection. The next stage is to build some good shop cabinetry and a workbench.

01-panoHere is a panoramic shot of from the middle of the shop.

02-panoAnother pano showcasing my jointer and tablesaw.

03-panoA pano of my miscellaneous workbench area.

04-computerMy workshop computer is in the foreground. The 2 garden basement windows are the main way I get large rough lumber into my basement. You can see my facination with old clocks on the walls. I am also interested in CNC milling among other things.

05-main-areaThis is the main woodworking area of my shop. You can see the air compressor line on the ceiling. The air compressor is on the opposite side of the basement.

07-backareaThe back area of the basement. I need to build an outfeed table / workbench at the back of the tablesaw here. I store my stains, glues, shellacs and whatnot here near the basement sink.

08-cubbyThe workhorse tools of any shop… the jointer and the tablesaw.

If you want to see a video tour of Alan’s shop, you can check it out directly on his website.


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