Adam’s Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Adam from Pennsylvania
Added on September 10, 2009

I am a novice woodworker. I started acquiring the tools needed before I really knew what I was getting myself into. I traveled with some friends to a Grizzly scratch and dent sale and ended up coming home with my table saw and planer, before I even had a shop to put them in. I slowly started collecting the tools I would need, such as routers, mitre saw, biscuit joiner, drill press, etc. Then I began to build my first shop as an edition to my garage. I had to tear down the 8 X 24 shed attached to the garage, it was starting to fall over; and constructed a 24 x 16 shop in its place.

Over that time I have purchased tools as I found a use for them, like the dust collector, band saw, 6″ jointer, and numerous miscellaneous hand tools. I am currently in the process of selecting projects that are building my skills in different areas, such as work benches, book cases, cast iron radiator covers, etc. My main interests are furniture building, but before I can get there I am trying to find smaller projects that are going to build upon my skills and knowledge.


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