Your Workbench Situation

Poll - September 15, 2014

While some folks claim the table saw is the heart of the shop, the workbench is, in my opinion, where all the action really is.

From setting down that first cup of joe in the morning to surveying the shop before you get to work until the final project stands gleaming upon it, it will probably be the location of much planing, cutting, routing, sanding and assembly throughout the course of your build.

While there is very little disagreement about the workbench being the center of action, there are many different workbench situations. Some can double as altars for some minor woodworking religion, while others exist only in the mind. Some folks labor for months building something that would look just as happy in a dining room, others get everything done with a Port-a-Mate folding work table.

In today’s poll, tell us about your workbench situation.