Now We’re Smoking

Poll - April 21, 2014

With Easter Sunday comes family gatherings, and most of those revolve around a big meal. Being Italian, one of the most traditional dishes at the table is roasted leg of lamb. In years past, I have simply baked it in the oven, with very good results.

But, recently, I have discovered the joy of smoke roasting the lamb on my grill. With a healthy rub of olive oil, garlic, rosemary and other spices, I put the lamb on the grate with a very low flame and some water soaked boards from my scrap pile to impart a great, smoky flavor to the roast.

Today, we want to know if you have ever used your shop offcuts in your culinary endeavors. Maybe you maple smoked some salmon or hickory smoked some ribs… whatever you may have done, just be sure to let me know when dinner is!