How Old Is Your Oldest Tool?

Poll - June 19, 2014

Getting involved in electronics can be tricky business. Every time a new technology is invented, processor speed increased or new storage medium is heralded as the next great thing, your computer, stereo or television is one step closer to needing to be upgraded.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case when it comes to woodworking tools. Power tools built in the 1950′s still slice through lumber and planes and chisels more than a century old still slice and dice joinery as well as the day they were made. And they can still do their work despite the fact that many of these babies sat languishing in some cellar or out-building for decades before being brought back to life.

This week, let us know how old the oldest tool is in your collection. Power or hand tool – it doesn’t matter. The one caveat is that the tool still has to do work for you in a your shop. No living room display case models are allowed.