How Often Do You Calibrate Your Table Saw?

Poll - June 10, 2014

Wouldn’t it be great if all woodworking tools needed absolutely no maintenance? I mean, you uncrate your table saw, unwrap your new set of chisels, grab that sweet dovetail saw and head right out into the shop to achieve perfect results.

Yeah, keep dreaming.

Just about every tool in your shop can benefit from a little TLC from time to time. Whether it’s sharpening, cleaning pitch off your blades or waxing table tops, there are a ton of easy maintenance jobs that take very little time and aren’t all that involved.

Then, there are those projects that take a little bit more time, are a tad more involved and aren’t as easy as those other, more simple ones. One that would fall into this category would be aligning your table saw.

So, how frequently do you align your table saw? Every week? Every blue moon? Are these things adjustable?