Do Your Projects Always Go Smoothly?

Poll - May 9, 2016

We all know mistakes are part of the learning process. I even wrote this article to highlight that point. But I’m sure many new woodworkers are wondering if they will always make major mistakes or if the process will eventually go more smoothly.

I’m firmly in the “My projects sometimes have small errors, but nothing major” camp. At this point in my woodworking, I have the patience and experience to prevent nearly all major foul-ups. But small errors are just a way of life for me and nearly every project contains at least a few. Could be something as simple as tearout or something a little more menacing like a cut not being square. But these problems are all fixable and solvable with typical woodworking tricks.

So what about you? Are you a woodworking Jedi or is every project a lesson in humility?