Words are Hard

Morning Show - July 3, 2020

00:00:40 – Good morning, it’s the Woodworking Morning Show
00:00:55 – Thank you Wright Handed Creations for the hair pins and spoons!
00:03:15 – Thanks to our Patreon subscribers!
00:04:10 – Slat Back Bed Project Pre-Order

Slat Back Platform Bed

00:05:45 – TWW Store Announcement
00:09:08 – How can you stay focused on one project at a time?
00:14:10 – What paints besides milk paints do you like?
00:15:18 – What are your thoughts about round dog holes in the roubo top?
00:17:35 – What’s a normal size of a block plane?
00:18:10 – How many jigs and or fixtures do you normally use in a project?
00:19:55 – Is there going to be a watch party for the new bed project?
00:20:23 – Is a benchtop jointer good enough for most guild projects?
00:22:30 – *Ad* New Titebond product *Ad*
00:24:35 – Are bridle joints good for bed frames?
00:25:55 – WoodWhisperer en español
00:27:18 – Would the mattress slide around on the frame of the slat back bed?
00:30:10 – What wood should I use for upper kitchen cabinets?
00:32:25 – Would the guild be beneficial for more experienced woodworkers?
00:35:42 – Where do you source your spindle sleeves for the oscillating spindle sanders?
00:39:13 – What are your thoughts on using softwoods for cutting boards?
00:40:40 – Do you have any of the planer brackets left for sale?
00:41:30 – What size compressor tank do you recommend for an HVLP system?
00:43:35 – How critical is climate control in a woodshop in Tucson?
00:46:05 – Can I use Rubio Monocoat Mahogany on the blanket chest?
00:47:15 – Is the licensing change to Sketchup going to change your use of it?
00:49:25 – Congratulations to the winner of the guild project!
00:49:45 – Congratulations to the winner of the Slat Back Bed project!
00:50:15 – What about Fusion 360?