Woodworking, BBQ and Quilting! – Friday Live

Morning Show - May 31, 2019

00:00:56 – Good morning everybody! It’s Friday Live
00:01:14 – New summer start time for Friday Lives
00:02:30 – Thank you to the new Patreon subscribers!
00:04:10 – Thank yous!
00:07:46 – Sweater quilt!
00:09:20 – Table leg preview and design thoughts
00:15:55 – Do you sell different shaped card scrapers?
00:16:45 – What would you use for shop furniture?
00:19:15 – Do you have your own recipe for tomato pie?
00:20:15 – Do you do anything differently if you know your end product will be painted vs finished?
00:22:38 – Can you talk about your decision to use milk paint on the hall tree project?
00:25:35 – Should I wait for the mineral spirits to dry before applying the first coat of finish?
00:26:54 – Should I buy a jointer or planer first?
00:28:18 – What do you look for when you’re designing for complementary colors?
00:31:23 – Guild Scholarships
00:34:42 – What is your opinion on the Festool MFT and how do you use it?
00:38:09 – Is there a guild project focused on hand tool users?
00:40:30 – Can you do a router basics video?
00:42:23 – How do you select what wood you’re going to use when starting a project?
00:45:03 – How much overspray can you expect while using HVLP? Would you consider doing it indoors?
00:47:10 – Any recommendations on a good budget HVLP system?
00:51:21 – Do you have a video on the setup and usage of HVLP?
00:54:11 – Thank you for the tracksaw giveaway from last week!
00:55:00 – Any details on the future turning guild project with Ashley?
00:55:30 – What exactly is the difference between milk paint and latex paint?
00:56:57 – Any hints to hide seems under paint?
00:58:35 – Any suggestions for complimentary woods for a wormy ambrosia maple?
00:59:10 – Do you have any videos on using wood filler?
01:00:52 – Do you think a mortise and tenon is strong enough for a baby/dog gate?
01:01:45 – Can a block plane also be used as a shoulder plane if the blade goes all the way to the edge?
01:04:55 – G&G Adirondack Chair project sale!
01:06:47 – How can I get rid of the oily feeling of my cutting board?
01:08:19 – Phil Gordon!
01:08:58 – Deadpool bandsaw box
01:10:42 – Guild project winner! Congratulations Nick!
01:15:00 – Official request for an updated lumber yard video!

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