Where’d Everybody Go?!

Morning Show - March 28, 2020

00:00:33 – Video starts
00:00:47 – It’s The Woodworker Morning Show
00:03:30 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers
00:04:54 – How many microns should I measure to if I get an air quality monitor in my woodshop?
00:11:25 – Can you explain your finish sanding routine?
00:18:03 – Have you considered hosting gatherings/demonstrations?
00:19:18 – Can you build bookcases just of solid wood vs incorporating plywood?
00:20:55 – How can I get better results from my jigsaw?
00:22:50 – Are there standards for the dimensions of mortise and tenons?
00:24:38 – Is the PM1500 worth the upgrade over a 14 bandsaw?
00:26:35 – Nesting Table showcase
00:27:25 – What’s the most important thing to consider when planning a shop?
00:30:35 – How can I reduce fraying when using my track saw at the ends of the tracks?
00:32:54 – What’s the best way to clear waste from routers?
00:34:05 – Is there going to be a full finishing guild project?
00:36:00 – Do I “need” brad point drill bits?
00:39:20 – Are you going to do a comparison video for the two CNC’s?
00:40:50 – What are your thoughts on Walrus oil?
00:45:45 – Does raising the grain help gel stain to retain the color?
00:47:00 – What’s the coverage like on Rubio vs Osmo finishes?
00:48:50 – How much do you use the “gaming” aspect of the gaming table?
00:51:58 – Guild winner! Congratulations!

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