We’re Back – Friday Live!

Morning Show - August 31, 2018

After a long break, we’re back at it.

1:59 – Welcome to Friday Live! Family Style!
3:05 – Marc went to IWF in Atlanta with Titebond!
4:55 – Gifts that were sent in!
6:18 – Marc wears a size Large shirt.
7:12 – Gifted topographical map from Elevated Woodworking
8:55 – https://www.patreon.com/woodwhisperer – Support the show!
10:20 – Cutting a bevel in a long board – Does it make sense to use a feather board after the blade?
11:43 – Which is better PVC or HVAC ductwork for DC collection?
14:31 – How do you stop boards from curving when you are doing a panel glueup?
16:40 – Do you start your sander on the wood or off?
18:00 – Do you have (And use) a handheld power planer?
21:25 – Since you started wearing glasses, have you had any issues lining up saw blades with your lines?
22:35 – Is there a proper way to tension a bandsaw blade? Should you detension when not in use?
25:16 – How do you organize all of your clamps?
28:14 – Have you talked about your miter station fence decision?
31:16 – Nicole is going to make a memory box for her dad for Woodworkers Fighting Cancer this year
32:26 – WoodWhisperer Guild mentoring program
33:16 – How does Marc like his new Incra router table? How does it compare to the Jessem?
33:50 – How will you introduce woodworking to your kids?
37:40 – Building a new shop – What would you make sure you run before the shop is finished?
39:22 – Are you going to the Rocky Mountain Tool Collectors meeting?
39:54 – Is this a parenting show?
40:17 – Thanks to our Patreon members!