We Found Our Groove – Friday Live

Morning Show - February 16, 2019

1:59 – Be like Fred – Give a thumbs up!
2:06 – Welcome to Friday Live!
3:29 – Support us on Patreon!
4:08 – Can you give your opinion on CBN grinding wheels with square versus radiused sides?
6:05 – Gifts from our viewers!
8:28 – When is Nicole going to do more scroll or lathe work?
9:39 – What is the best way to attach feet to a bed frame with an I type (trestle-like) design?
12:27 – Has your video\thoughts on making your own veneer bag changed?
14:15 – Any suggestions for hinges for a door with 2″ shelving?
18:14 – How do I find local wood suppliers?
21:13 – Did you use Baltic Birch plywood from Austin Hardwoods for the Miter Station?
22:36 – How do you position your hands to make smooth bandsaw curves?
25:11 – Can I get redwood to look more like oak without staining?
27:18 – Make sure and tune up your band saw!
30:26 – Any thoughts on changing grits for your CBN grinding wheels?
31:38 – Any tips for selecting walnut wood for the gaming table?
33:52 – Do you try and match the grain on the legs of a table when glueing it up?
37:16 – How do you deal with tear out in walnut and highly figured wood?
39:01 – What would you tell your future self about woodworking?
40:18 – Can you put a water-based finish over tongue oil?
42:15 – Woodpeckers Exact Width Dado Jig demo
54:21 – What are the differences in Shellacs?
57:11 – How long should tenons be for integral tenons?
59:35 – TS55 or TS75?
60:45 – Can you use a butt joint if you don’t have a domino for a long grain glue up?
62:27 – How would you stain hard maple and then finish it?
63:54 – Any tips on working with Hickory?
64:43 – Any updates on Essential Joinery?
65:58 – Free guild project winner!

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