We are Giving Away a Powermatic Table Saw – Friday Live!

Morning Show - February 1, 2019

1:05 – Sorry about the internet outage last week!
1:39- Welcome to Friday Live!
1:40 – We love Koo Koo Kanga Roo! http://kookookangaroo.com/
2:26 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers
2:43 – PM Show next Friday!
3:03 – Thanks for the gifts!
6:15 – Last day to preorder Ashley Harwood’s turning project!
8:51 – We’re giving away a Powermatic table saw this month!
13:18 – In the miter saw build, Marc put a thin piece of wood between the clamp and wood, why?
15:24 – Getting a 15″ Powermatic Helical Head planer – What type of setup can I expect?
17:53 – What is the best finish for outside items in hot dry summers and cold wet winters?
20:25 – Is there a good way to fix a build issue with the humidor project?
21:58 – Hinges can be intimidating, any tips or tricks with them?
27:!9 – Will Marc offer a hardcover copy of the new book?
29:37 – Is Woodtalk coming back soon?
29:48 – How do you choose between Bullnose, router and shoulder planes?
31:49 – Have you used the Minwax 3 times as thick poly?
32:41 – What router bit do you recommend to flatten a slab?
33:57 – What are your thoughts on fast vs. slow setting epoxy?
34:49 – What’s the best way to secure a workbench to a wall and to level it?
37:56 – Has Nicole finished making a table runner?
38:54 – My CA glue goes bad, anything I can do to avoid this?
42:03 – Do I need to go through all the grits in rotex mode?
45:56 – Are there any style router bits that shouldn’t be used in a router table?
46:40 – When joining boards, is there an advantage to the domino over a biscuit?
48:32 – Any tips on setting up a traditional jointer as opposed to the newer style tables?

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