Watch While Pooping – Morning Show

Morning Show - January 31, 2020

00:00:33 – Video starts
00:01:00 – It’s The Woodworker Morning Show
00:02:08 – Thanks to our new patreon subscribers
00:03:20 – 2020 Guild coin available
00:05:25 – FAQ spreadsheet question reference for live show
00:06:45 – How much room do you leave yourself when rough cutting?
00:08:40 – Is your finishing prep for plywood different than it is for solid wood?
00:10:27 – Is spalted wood safe to work with?
00:12:40 – Furniture Butter show and tell
00:16:25 – Could you replace retaining clips with caulk for keeping the glass in place?
00:17:12 – Is there a max-width to use the trick where you take the guard off the jointer?
00:19:30 – What’s your favorite wood to work with?
00:19:35 – Why did you move to Colorado?
00:19:39 – How can I make anything without Festool tools?
00:19:50 – Making solid wood countertops, what’s the best way to make an “L” shape with continuous grain?
00:22:35 – Any good books for furniture design inspirations?
00:26:10 – Do you have any tips with adjusting your Veritas planes?
00:26:55 – What are some good run of the mill books for beginner woodworkers?
00:29:05 – Can I use a sliding dovetail in a sculpted side table?
00:30:15 – How would you plane and joint a 10-foot board for drawer fronts?
00:31:45 – Have you ever been in a situation where you have to choose to make something new match an existing piece or make it better?
00:33:55 – How do you like Osmo on your workbench?
00:35:23 – Do you have a go-to method for attaching face frames?
00:36:55 – How do you fill knots in walnut?
00:37:55 – Is boiled linseed oil ok for outdoor furniture?
00:38:42 – Have you ever used a putty knife as a card scraper?
00:39:08 – What is your standard clamping time for glue-ups?
00:40:05 – Steambending show and tell. Thank you to Urban Woodworks and book recommendation
00:45:20 – Guild winner! Congratulations!
00:47:40 – How can I remove the slop in my adjustment knob on my hand plane?

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