Vegan Slides – TWW Live!

Morning Show - October 11, 2019

00:02:34 – It’s Friday Live!
00:03:08 – Thank you to our new Patreon subscribers!
00:04:12 – Stuff that holds books project sale!
00:05:10 – Mini split update
00:07:06 – Do you have an insulated concrete slab in your garage?
00:09:08 – How can I clamp prefinished items that I usually use painters tape as a clamping solution?
00:11:55 – Any tips for gluing up thin panels?
00:13:15 – What’s the best way to build an exterior door out of walnut?
00:14:33 – Have you seen plans for a bar stool with a similar design to the Maloof Rocker?
00:15:37 – How are you liking the new Veritas planes?
00:16:25 – What are some of your qualifications to inviting someone to be a guild instructor?
00:18:05 – What’s the difference between upcut and downcut spiral bit and their applications?
00:21:15 – Under workbench cabinet preorder ends today
00:23:15 – Have you ever experienced condensation problems in the shop in cold mornings?
00:24:10 – How can I apply OSMO on a small project with tight curves?
00:25:35 – Do you prefinish pieces before glueup?
00:27:00 – How can I prevent sag on a long entertainment center top?
00:29:00 – Why are leg vises traditionally on the left side of a workbench?
00:30:50 – I’m building acrylic finished countertops. Do you have an inexpensive alternative?
00:33:12 – What do you recommend for a starter set of sharpening stones?
00:35:05 – What are your thoughts on the Incra Miter 5000?
00:38:12 – Have you thought about getting the Incra box joint jig?
00:40:30 – I’m getting tearout with an upcut sprial bit…would a downcut or straight bit be cleaner?
00:41:05 – What’s the best epoxy to use?
00:42:15 – Any suggestions for a cyclone dust collector?
00:43:00 – How critical are jointers and planers for new woodworkers?
00:44:25 – Can hard wax oils be used on pens?
00:45:35 – What are some of your most used shop-made jigs?
00:48:20 – What’s the best guild project for a beginner?
00:51:10 – How’d you transition from a hobbyist to what you are now?
00:56:25 – When’s the next episode of WoodTalk?
00:56:55 – We met our auction goal! Auctions close on the 20th.
00:57:30 – Have the rubber floor mats helped your back and feet?
00:59:10 – Any suggestions for stabilizing premilled lumber?
01:02:25 – Any thoughts on the JessEm router table?
01:04:12 – What guild project would sell best?
01:05:26 – What approach did you take when building your collection of power tools?
01:09:10 – Is there a recommended depth for a dado?
01:11:30 – What’s a non shiny durable finish for a walnut computer desk that can resist pen and pencil marks?
01:13:15 – Have you made a sit stand desk?

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