TWW Live 10 – Making Babies

Morning Show - June 6, 2015


Complete Arbortech Pack: including 1 TurboPlane, 1 Mini-Turbo & 1 Contour Random Sander
Complete MicroJIG GRR-RIPPER System: including 1 GRR-RIPPER Advanced 3D Pushblock (GR-200), 1 1/8” Leg (GRP-11G), 1 Gravity Heel Kit (GRGH-040), 1 Handle Bridge Kit (GRGH-010) & 1 Deflector/Connector (GRDC-020)
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Special thanks to Jay and Suzanne Curtis at, Drew at Rock-n H Woodshop, and Navy pilot (codename Tom Cruise).

Featured Viewer Project

Seth’s Pirate Chest

Gear Up!

Tommy Mac’s Pro Scraper Kit (to be reviewed on the next show)

In the Shop

Working on a Maloof-inspired Sculpted Rocker in the Guild.


– How do you optimize your time in the shop?

– Anything new on promoting and educating young kids about woodworking?

– How does the Milwaukee rechargeable grinder compare to the corded one?

– What about Kutzall grinding discs?

– What would you suggest for a starter rasp set?

– What is the oldest tool you have in your shop?

– What’s with the odd-looking coping saw?

– What was the first thing you built for your son?

– Would you do a video on how to properly set up your Fuji sprayer?

– What brands of chisels do you own? Check out my shop tour page.

– What finish would you recommend or an Ash display box?

– If you could only have one Festool sander, which would it be?

– Do you consider CNC real woodworking?

– Can you recommend a hand tool to resaw a maple board?

– How often do you sharpen your card scraper?

– How do you calculate price? Here’s the article I wrote on the topic.

– What finish will you use on your sculpted rocker?

– Would the Domino be worth purchasing for future Guild projects?

– What’s a good lathe to start with?

– What’s your favorite Makita tool?

– How do you combat the Walmart mentality?

– What kind of jobs could there be in woodworking?