TWW Live 04 – The Bangles!

Morning Show - September 5, 2014


– Last Month’s Winner: Daryn Kiely (Clear Vue CV1800 Cyclone)
– This Month’s Giveaway (Enter Now!): Powermatic PM1500 Bandsaw


– Nick Carruthers – a woodworker’s Labor Day weekend BBQ
Woodworking in America – 9/12-9/14 – Winston-Salem, NC –
Krenov Cabinet Build Starts TODAY!
– Woodworks Conference – Sept. 26-28 – Perth, Ontario, Canada.
Don’t miss the Bangle Bowl! – Enter your bangle in October and win some stuff! #BangleBowl2014

Featured Project

Jens’ Serenity Rocker (cut on a CNC machine)
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In Case you Missed It

Kyle Toth Segmented Bracelet

Zac Higgens – Metal Core Bangle Tutorial

David Piccuito (Drunken Woodworker) – Bandsaw Box

Gear Up!

– A look at the new ClearVue Mini CV06 Cyclone Separator

In the Shop

– Progress update on the Krenov-Inspired Display Stand


– Tom Cocker – “How do you keep your enthusiasm up for a project when it begins to run out of steam? I am so close to the end of a couple of big projects, but struggling to make myself finish. Any suggestions?”
– Brian Pickrell – “Thinking of going the hand plane route to mill wood instaed of power tools. What kind of setup should I go with? Meaning, recommend a couple of planes for me as a hand tool newbie.”
– Russel Troyan – “How much do you tell clients about wood movement? Do you educate them, give them a quick warning, or leave them to experience the wonder themselves?”
– Michael Pickering – “I was wondering if you (aka your wife) have a tool budget. Primarily if you get a certain percentage of gross profits to put back into the shop or a certain percentage of net or a set dollar amount. Or if you just wear down the wife till she gives in and lets you get a new toy.”
– Terry Throop – “I want to carve a name in my project and I would like to stain the name dark, but no the rest of the project. How do I do that?”
– McGinn’s WoodShop – What’s a good method to check bandsaw wheel alignment? I have one I restored and no matter where I set the top wheel angle, the bottom won’t stay center.”
– S. Smith – “Do you have any preference on doweling jigs?”
– Donald Dean – “Can you put lacquer over an oil or oil varnish mix?”
– Impact-Vector – “What’s the ideal tool for dust collection on a compound miter?”
– 0bi1ken0bi – Do you use Kreg jigs or do you make your own?

Tune in to the next show on October 3rd at 1pm Eastern!