Two Chisels – Friday Live PM!

Morning Show - March 30, 2019

0:00 Koo Koo Kanga Roo
01:45 – Hey everybody!
03:35 – Looking to upgrade chisels…recommendations in the $100-$150 range?
04:49 – What hand exercises are you using for preparing to sign all the books?
05:45 – Do you have any recommendations on a wood file or rasp?
08:06 – How did you decide on your tattoos?
10:50 – Is there a safe way to make a panel groove in rails and stiles with a fixed base router?
13:18 – If you weren’t making videos, how would you rate the Festool CMS versus competitors?
16:30 – How is the Incra router table working out for you?
17:15 – Should I upgrade my planer to a helical head?
19:00 – Epoxy as a wood glue…what do I need to know? Filler or no filler?
20:50 – Thoughts on the Laguna Driftmaster bandsaw fence?
23:56 – Should I fill the grain / do a pore fill on a countertop I am making?
25:35 – Thoughts on finishing the inside of a chest of drawers?
26:30 – Is the Powermatic 1500 bandsaw worth the price upgrade over a comparable Grizzly / Laguna?
28:45 – Is it ok to store lumber standing upright rather than laying flat?
29:55 – What is the coolest thing you’ve seen in another shop that you plan on incorporating into your own?
32:10 – Audio version of Friday live!
33:18 – Do you have opinions on using epoxy as a clear pore filler?
34:36 – Will there be any more WoodTalk???
37:26 – When can I buy the book if I missed the pre-order?
38:55 – Do you know if there are plans to incorporate oscillation into the Powermatic Drum sander? Also, how are the casters?
40:20 – With all the pallets from the books, will your next project incorporate pallet wood?
41:35 – Who would win an arm wrestling match? Marc or Matt?
42:46 – Is bloxygen any good?
45:20 – What blade is currently on your table saw?
47:54 – Congrats to the Cremonas!
49:16 – What are you currently working on?
50:53 – Do rasps and files only cut one way?
53:24 – Have you ever used Ecopoxy’s UVPoxy?
54:38 – Which bandsaw would you recommend between a Laguna or a Rikon 12″ bandsaw?

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