Tool Hangers & Guild Free Tier

Morning Show - August 25, 2017

Today we’re discussing my custom tool hangers on my tool wall as well as the upcoming Guile FREE tier. Of course we have plenty of other topics in the Q&A. Here’s the rundown:

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00:05 – Mateo is off to Kindergarten and Nicole needs to swap her chair
00:25 – Nicole does not handle cleaning up dog puke well – Rug Dr. is amazing!
1:20 – Marc needs to be able to “Jersey Talk”
2:20 – Ways to support and where to check out the chat\live show
2:50 – RSS feed for Offcuts Vs. Main TWW
3:38 – Various RSS feeds:
Video –
Audio –
4:00 – Nicole is working on uploading all the TWW seasons to Amazon Video (Season 11 is currently up)
5:15 – Marc is basically Peppa Pig
5:30 – Would you do anything differently on the Kid’s Kitchen Step Stool?
6:51 – Question on Bandsaw setup video for blades close to max blade width capacity
8:01 – Trouble with mortise hinge on boxed lids – How to prevent skew
8:23 – Friday PM is likely 2nd week of Sept. Jay Bates is in the chat
8:47 – Back to the hinge question – Use the barrel as the guide
10:49 – Did you learn anything from Cremona when he was in the shop? Did you learn anything from each other? – Matt learned power-carving
12:06 – Marc enjoyed having another person to bounce ideas off of
13:48 – Nicole won the pancake game with her crunchy French toast
16:00 – Information on new free tier for Wood Whisperer Guild
19:50 – John Funk is the “behind the scenes guy” – Kudos to him!
20:15 – Have you sprayed melamine with water based poly?
21:37 – Marc bought some JB Weld (it reminds him of his Grandfather) & what smells remind you of other things?
23:17 – Can you start the Ruobo before owning the hardware? Do you need the attached stool?
24:33 – Scott Griffith – Thanks for the Superchat – Does Flamed Birch have natural waxes that prevent normal finishing
26:50 – Ness G – Thanks for the Superchat – It’s past midnight in AUS – Marc loves your avatar!
27:20 – Can Marc gives some better information on the way he has his tools hung on his wall.
30:13 – How big do you want the guild to be? Would you do in person classes?
32:35 – If you have a thicknesser\planer but no table saw, how would you joint the final edge of the board?
33:35 – Marc will be teaching a class in 2018 at the Marc Adams School!  More info to come in the future.
35:05 – Do you try and avoid combining certain woods?
37:14 – Marc has not added lighting to the Barrister bookcase – A future video will be done to fix one of the doors
38:02 – JB Alexander – Thanks for the Superchat! – What are the differences between hand planing and sanding?
39:35 – What is the Woodworkers Fighting Cancer project this year? Ness – Go to sleep!
42:33 – Patreon – – Thanks to new patreons!
42:45 – Mike Coates – Thanks for the Superchat! – How do you deal with bent end grain to make it not look like plywood (Morris Chair)?
44:21 – Alex L. is the free project winner for his question
44:58 – Matt hid all of Marc’s pencils
45:05 – What are the pens on Marc’s workbench? Pilot Friction Pens for