The Veritas Lie-Nielsen Personality Test

Morning Show - September 28, 2019

Part 1

– There are 2 videos this week since Marc forgot to plug in his computer :)

1:30 – Welcome to Friday Live!
1:50 – Canvas Aprons and Woodworkers Fighting Cancer mugs for sale
4:58 – WoodWorkers Fighting Cancer – Bid on Marc’s Dog Feeder!
6:15 – WoodWorkers Fighting Cancer – Bid on Lunch with Nicole, Marc, and Jason!
Technical Difficulties for Part 2

1:06 – Build The WoodWorkers Fighting Cancer Project!
1:45 – Do you have accessory recommendations for the MFT/3 Besides the Flip Stop?
4:54 – Can you do a video using Blum tandem motion slides?
5:31 – Do you have any ideas for Shaker style drawer fronts?
6:55 – Saw blade is lifting wood instead of cutting – What can be done?
9:05 – Can you use a flat top grind blade with miters?
10:15 – Marc did an interview on The Dad Chronicles Podcast
12:08 – Would you use Osmo Top Oil on a cutting Board?
13:44 – Can The WoodWorkers Fighting Cancer build be a slightly different design?
14:23 – If you can only build one type of furniture from now on, what would you build?
15:55 – Have you ever taken a personality test? How has it helped you in your business?
21:44 – What do you use to flatten your waterstones?
DMT link
22:20 – Has your approach tot tool sharpening changed since the 2012 video?
23:43 – What was your most personally rewarding build and why?
Maui Hook×4/
Jewlery Box
25:11 – Plywood Walnut and Solid Walnut, do I need to stain to color match?
27:22 – What do you use for a bandsaw resaw fence?
Veneer Fence Link Making your own Veneer Episode 16
28:55 – Have you done a DNA test to see if you are related to a famous woodworker?
30:17 – How do you choose your edge banding veneer?
31:32 – Have you ever used FastCap stick on edge banding?
31:47 – Can you explain the sale of projects?
34:30 – Any recommendations for blades for the LN LAJ plane?
36:59 – Why is Marc selling\auctioning his LN planes?
39:46 – Does Marc have any snipe issues with his jointer\planer? How do you account for it?
42:14 – Ground or whole bean coffee?
45:45 – What uses are the siderails on the MFT?
46:34 – Do you have experience with the Festool track connectors?
48:24 – For Epifanes Matte, is a layer from this protection enough, or should you use it as a final topcoat?
49:51 – Can you use a 14″ artists gauge to square a miter gauge?
51:15 – Do you always have a board screwed into your chop saw?
52:56 – Do you think there is any area that a newbie SHOULDN’T use to learn from?
59:47 – When is the next Woodtalk episode?
1:00:48 – What broom do you use to clean the shop?
1:03:32 – What order do you cut\sand\assemble box joints in?
1:04:40 – Do you still have Essential Joinery books?
1:05:40 – Who has to operate the broom\vac – Marc or Jay?
1:06:00 – How do you organize your scrap?
1:07:11 – What CFM Dust Collector do you suggest for a 20×20 shop?
1:07:52 – When will the MFT cabinet video be on the free site?
1:12:20 – WoodWorkers Fighting Cancer is a very important fundraiser and mission
1:13:08 – Guild Project Winner!Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Website
http://woodworkersfightingcancer.comWoodworkers Fighting Cancer Auctions
Products recommended by Marc