The I Don’t Know Show – Friday Live!

Morning Show - July 6, 2018

0:00 Welcome to Friday Live!
0:23 – Watchability changes made for your pleasure!
1:45 – Thanks to our new Patreon supporters!
3:04 – Cheap Rigid planer – Upgrade incrementally or replace entirely?
6:03 – Congrats to Scott for making Eagle Scout!
7:37 – Can a radial arm saw (RAS) be a replacement for a table saw (TS)?
9:51 – Do you still use your Japanese chisels (due to their metric sizing) or have you switched to using your Blue Spruce chisels?
11:35 – What benefits TWW more, watching on Amazon or Youtube?
13:45 – Countersink\Stop Collar bit – Amana or Veritas?
14:38 – What can I do to make a worksite saw more precise?
16:51 – Do you ever find that your projects are based more on function than aesthetic?
18:!5 – Congrats to Chris on his second child AND to making Marc feel better about his life!
19:31 – Thoughts on using finished Cedar?
21:41 – Now that Marc is devoted to full time content creation, how does he find time for personal improvement\learning?
25:56 – PSA – Heat exhaustion is REAL (dangerous) – STAY HYDRATED!
26:26 – 5 HP Saw using VFD is bogging down, any ideas?
27:43 – Any suggestions on putting the numbers on a cribbage board?
29:17 – If you could make a project without ANY constraints or requirements, what would that be?
31:02 – Bubbles in epoxy on wood, how do you remove the epoxy?
32:52 – What is Marc’s oldest\dorkiest video?
34:45 – Good luck at Marc Adams – is it too late to join?
35:45 – Is there any rule on the hardness\softness of the Tenon Vs. the Mortise?
38:08 – Is there a difference (in usability) between square or round dog holes?
39:42 – is the extent of a roundover just personal preference?
41:42 – Hearing protection – What are the options?
44:34 – Will Marc be at IWF?
46:16 – Boards are not a standard size, how do you get a proper size dado?
48:00 – Is Marc still liking his J-Birds?
50:00 – What is the learning curve for making dowel pins?
53:20 – No Friday live next week!
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