The Epoxy Fad – Friday Live!

Morning Show - May 4, 2018

0:06 – Marc wants a higher quality stream
0:45 Marc wants to know if Epoxy River Tables are the mullets of the woodworking world?
3:05 WELCOME TO Friday Live! – Marc was at FWW Live
3:22 Nicole’s Morning Podcast team met up in Vegas and threw axes
The Morning Stream
5:10 – Gift from Ness
6:20 Microjig sent Marc a very nice gift featuring the new MatchFit Dovetail Clamps.
8:33 Someone heard about Marc on Nicole’s Podcast years ago
8:50 – Patreon! Support the Show!
9:45 – Bathroom vanity – What is the most efficient way to make the frame and panels?
11:37 – Do you ever worry about PPE for your pets?
14:30 – What’s the project that you really want to tackle but you find intimidating (white whale project)?
16:59 – What two pairing chisels would you buy if you could only buy two?
18:34 – If you were only buying a single dovetail chisel, what would you buy?
20:38 – What is the one project you have done that gave you the most gratification?
22:45 – Marc writes out the steps to a project to keep organized
23:45 – Marc has started the “Executive Desk” guild build.
25:20 – Do you even stain Walnut to keep the dark color (for items in the sun)?
27:55 – With no money limitation, what is one wood that you would use that intimidates you?
30:04 – Why is Ebony considered to be so “precious”?
31:20 – What’s the deal with compression bits?
33:26 – What width of blade would Marc recommend for a utilitarian blade?
35:33 – What is your take on square drill bits(Likely a hollow chisel mortising bit)?
36:56 – Infinity Mega Flush Trim Bit
38:35 – More discussion about Hollow Chisel Mortising Bit
39:44 – What is your suggestion for a kids project?
40:50 – Would you recommend using your assembly table as an outfeed table?
43:50 – What grits of sandpaper do you keep the most?
44:55 – Thank You to our Patreon supporters!
45:36 – Free Guild Project!
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