The Burp Show – Friday Live PM!

Morning Show - February 12, 2019

00:02:22 – Hello!
00:05:35 – Thank yous –
00:09:40 – What wood should I use if the end product is going to be painted?
00:11:46 – Thoughts on Festool CMS router table in comparison to some of the other pricier options?
00:15:41 – What are the most useful sizes countersink bits?
00:18:45 – Would a large unsupported panel look like a potato chip after a few months of use?
00:21:28 – Do you plan on continuing woodworkers fighting cancer?
00:21:49 – Do you prefer small brass mallets or small brass hammers?
00:23:32 – What finish should I use on a butcherblock style counter top?
00:25:16 – I love my new WoodWhisperer scraper! How have I lived without it?
00:26:44 – Does a countersink bit deep enough for plugs?
00:28:14 – What finish should I used on turned cedar bowls?
00:30:40 – Can I get some tips on using a benchtop jointer for longer boards?
00:34:52 – Can adding an air filtration system be enough to allow me to start one project while applying finish to another?
00:38:23 – What board games are you playing on the gaming table these days?
00:39:17 – How powerful of an HVLP do I need to spray Benjamin Moore Advance?
00:41:51 – What are your thoughts on odd shaped table tops?
00:44:59 – What’s with the bag to contain finishes?
00:47:35 – Can you sharpen the Wood Whisperer scraper with the Lee Valley sharpening system?
00:48:05 – Are there standard dimension for cremation urns?
00:50:56 – What brand marking knives do you have?
00:51:52 – How would you cut an inch off the top of the work bench if your circular saw can’t go deep enough?
00:52:50 – Any plans to use the Powermatic sliding table attachment?
00:53:58 – What do you think of using the veritas twin screw vice in place on the Roubo build?
00:54:43 – What advice do you have to get your furniture out there since the social media market can be very saturated?
00:58:42 – What finish do you recommend for the table saw extension table?
00:59:48 – How did you determine your shop setup?
01:02:46 – Giveaways!

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