The Avalan’che – Friday Live PM!

Morning Show - July 21, 2018

2:26 – New Patreon supporters!
3:40 – Marc’s adventures at Marc Adams School
6:40 – Nicole’s new hobby – Quilting! –
9:22 – Should I invest in a high quality square/straight edge (Woodpeckers/Starrett) over something from the big box store?
15:27- Are there any pointers you have for the Leigh R9 jig when cutting dovetails or box joints?
18:56 – What changes would you make for the chest of drawers looking back?
19:58 – Can you talk about the Guild mentorship program?
22:36 – Do you know if liquid hide glue work as well as hot hide glue?
25:12 – Is there another in-person class Marc is planning on in the future?
27:37 – Any tips or pitfalls to avoid when building my first workbench? –
31:15 – Should I build the Roubo or a Scandinavian bench?
32:02 – I never know exactly what speed to run my router bits, are there any tips to know what speed is right?
35:08 – Have we heard anything about the new book?
41:52 – What about a quilt rack for a future project?
43:30 – Guild Project winner – Stewart Johnson
43:58 – Denver area maker meetup – Sunday June 22nd