Spag Sanity Break – Friday Live 12/28/18

Morning Show - December 28, 2018

3:40 – Marc’s “vacation”
5:40 – New coasters!
6:33 – Happy Festivus
7:30 – Marc got new socks
9:40 – A letter from a fan
13:30 – What are the pros and cons of using a miter saw vs table saw for crosscuts?
15:30 – Jon Funk is a swell guy!
16:35 – When is WoodTalk coming back?
16:53 – How does epoxy go through the planer?
18:19 – For a sliding dovetail, should I glue the whole joint or just a section of it?
20:20 – Is there a relationship between pin to tail ratio and dovetail strength?
22:31 – Do you have any info on the book presale deal?
23:33 – How do you reset the bevel angles on your plane irons?
25:58 – What are your must-have tablesaw accessories?
36:00 – Is the Sawstop sliding table attachment worth the cost?
37:15 – Should I tighten a drill chuck in all three of the holes or just one?
40:08 – What’s with the clock?
40:47 – Do you find mortise chisels more efficient than regular chisels when prying up mortises?
43:10 – How do you feel about your carbide tipped drill bits?
45:43 – Is it safer to use a 7″ blade in a 10″ tablesaw?
48:18 – Do you have a recommendation for a quiet air compressor?
51:06 – What are your top time-saving tips for hobby woodworkers?
56:55 – Thanks to new Patrons! –
58:50 – Business dealings with Russia

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