Soul Patch Story Time

Morning Show - April 14, 2020

1:15 – Welcome to the Tuesday Morning Bonus Show!
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2:20 – Should I buy a bandsaw for resawing or a planer due to space constraints
4:12 – Do smaller dust collectors make a cyclone\chip separator redundant?
5:40 – Do you have any suggestions for “intermediate” rasps?
7:27 – What is Marc’s heritage?
8:54 – What are your thoughts on the Festool sander\dust collector combination?
10:03 – What is stronger for fixing a frame and panel door – Half-Lap or Mortise and Tenon?
11:02 – Has Marc needed to change his sharpening with the new PMV-11 chisels?
12:56 – What are your thoughts on Shellac as a final finish?
15:02 – What are your thoughts on sacrificial hardboard for an assembly tabletop?
18:19 – Has Marc ever received any negativity for not having formal training in woodworking?
22:54 – Should I buy a bandsaw instead of a table saw?
25:01 – What’s the story behind Marc’s soul patch?
28:26 – Working on the Ruobo project – Do you have a suggested list of hardware?
29:56 – Did Marc see the chisel test that Wood by Wright did?
32:03 – Can we get Duggee for free with a project?
32:33 – Are there opportunities for Shannon to do a project in the guild?
33:30 – What is your take on the 12″ vs. 16″ combo planer\jointers?
34:27 – Are there hand tools that look good and don’t cost much?
36:18 – What piece of equipment do you regret investing in?
37:05 – What can I use to refinish cedar to prevent it from turning grey?
39:48 – On the Roubo, would the under bench cabinet help counterbalance an attached seat?
41:30 – What mallet do you recommend using to assemble\dis-assemble things?
43:31 – If I have an outfeed table that is lower than a tablesaw, is that a problem?
45:30 – Do you have an aftermarket chuck for your lathe?
46:50 – Is Starrett\Bridge City\Woodpeckers worth the money for measuring tools?
49:24 – How would you finish kitchen utensil boxes to be food-safe?
51:42 – Does anyone remember what free time was like?
52:30 – Suggestions on how to work from home
55:52 – What material would you use for painted face frames & What paint would you use?
60:08 – Free Guild Project Winner!