TWW Live 03: Simple Woodworking & Photographing Your Work

Morning Show - August 1, 2014


– Last Month’s Winners: Noah Mudge (Powermatic Drill Press)
– This Month’s Giveaway (Enter Now!): Clear Vue CV1800 Cyclone


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– New SketchUp Viewer launches for iOS and Android and is priced at $9.99.

Featured Project

Margie’s Great Auk Kayak
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– Some kind and thoughtful works from Steve Jordan.

In Case you Missed It

Vet can’t build projects for military families due to HOA restrictions.

– Steve Carmichael at Carmichael Workshop – Whac-A-Woodworker

Laney Shaunessy’s video on the Whirligig Wars:

Instructables Woodworking Projects for Beginners (sent in by Eric)

Gear Up!

– My recommendations for a basic woodworking kit: Plunge Router, 6″ ROS, Drill, Jigsaw, Circular Saw, Chisels, and general purpose Hand Saw.


– How to make your own track for a circular saw.


Ridiculously Simple Furniture Projects by Spike Carlsen

In the Shop

– A close look at the setup I use for photographing my work.
Imact Background Drives
Impact Hooks
Savage 107” Beige Paper Roll
Steve Kaeser Lighting


– @JCRoupp – Once the learning curve is over, are hand cut dovetails just as easy and fast as a jig?
– mattty38 – How do you deal with insects in your shop, especially when finishing?
– Matthew S – Can I handle rough lumber without a planer or jointer?
– Aaron – I’m thinking about buying a turbine sprayer. I’m wondering if I should pay a little more for the extra air pressure option like your higher end model sprayer you have.
– Ozuma4688 – Do you put finish over a painted project. If so, what type of finish?

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If you’d like to view the full unedited version of this TWW Live episode, you can watch it here.