Sick and Tired – Friday Live

Morning Show - May 6, 2019

02:45 – It’s Friday Live!
03:02 – Thank You’s
06:22 – New Patreon supporters
07:02 – Does seeing wood furniture while on vacation get you excited to get back into the shop?
10:15 – Should my furniture match or contrast the shade of the wooden floor it’s sitting on?
13:00 – Does Marc ever overdesign simple things?
13:50 – Do you use a different respirator when finishing vs regular one when woodworking?
18:50 – Do you resaw on a bandsaw or table saw?

16 – Cut Your Own Veneer

19:50 – What’s the best way to joint two large slabs together? Not much success with flush trim bit.
21:40 – Will you be making a Challenge Coin display cabinet?
22:10 – Do you have any experience with a hot melt filler vs an epoxy filler for knot fillings?
23:10 – Will there be an option for embroidered polos in the TWW store?
24:15 – What router do you recommend putting in an Incra router table?
25:23 – Can you frame an end grain cutting board with long grain?
27:12 – Getting ready to build a torsion top outfeed table, how tall should I make the top?
30:39 – Do you still sell the thread taps?
31:12 – How do I sharpen the blade of a cabinet scraper?
32:25 – What are the holes in the Incra Mitre sled for? Will it work on my hybrid saw?
33:49 – Would you prefer woodworking as a career or being a YouTube content creator in another category?
35:57 – How do you avoid feeling unskilled after seeing amazing content on Instagram from other creators?
41:23 – What countersink bit and plug cutting bit do you recommend?
42:05 – How do I get rid of a glue line squeezeout between a joint?
43:50 – Have you ever walked away from a project for 4 months? How was it when you returned?
46:15 – Essential Joinery book update
47:35 – What woodworking related things should I see in Anaheim? I’m going to be visiting from Australia.
49:10 – If I only have the room for a benchtop table saw, should I get a mitre saw or track saw?
50:11 – Is there a way to account for wood movement when flocking such as the drawer in the jewelry box project?
51:20 – Can you use a track saw for crosscuts?
54:40 – Did Woodpeckers send you the sharpening jig one-time tool?
56:24 – Guild Project Winner! Congrats!

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