Shoulder Plane Magic? – Friday Live!

Morning Show - November 3, 2017

This week we discuss the magic of the shoulder plane, as well as a bunch of Q&A.

0:00 – WW Fighting Cancer is done!
2:21 – Planer Brackets
4:43 – New Patreon supporters
5:46 – Is there a “woodworking Bible” you recommend for furniture building? Tuanton’s Illustrated Guide to JoineryHybrid Woodworking
8:50 – How can I finesse a mortise and tenon joint without a shoulder plane?
11:02 – Why do I never see you getting tearout with your shoulder plane?
14:10 – What’s a good height for a table saw/workbench?
16:23 – What do you recommend for an assembly table surface?
18:29 – Which episode of Woodworks is your favorite?
21:55 – When building fine furniture is it okay to mix drawer slides?
23:30 – Why do I seem to be getting tearout when I’m planing African Mahogany?
26:00 – What’s in your coffee?
27:10 – What’s the deal with hide glue?
28:52 – Do you have a recommendation for a starter set of lathe chisels?
34:22 – What considerations should be made when choosing a wood species for a project?
37:11 – Are you excited for Blizzcon?
38:35 – Is it better to buy a good plunge saw and a cheap table saw or vice versa?
41:35 – How do you sharpen the toothed and scraper blade on the LN Low Angle Jack?
43:35 – WWFC Frame builder bonus prize
45:18 – Can the jewelry box incorporate a musical mechanism? Jewelry Box Project
47:44 – How do you balance shop time vs family time?
50:44 – Is it possible to be turning too slow on the lathe?
51:22 – Any inside info on new apparel in the TWWStore?
53:49 – Can I put oil based poly on top of an oil poly blend?
55:08 – How much time do I have to buy a WWFC shirt or coin?