Shooting from the Hip – TWW Live!

Morning Show - August 26, 2019

00:02:06 – It’s Friday Live!
00:03:30 – How wide of a panel can you cut with the Incra 5000?
00:05:20 – Sawkil lumber package demo
00:09:33 – What random orbit sander would fit in a $150 budget?
00:11:00 – My shaker table build base is not square after removing the clamps. How much of a problem is this?
00:12:55 – Do you have any experience with Briwax hard wax oil?
00:13:50 – Woodworkers Fighting Cancer auction update.
00:16:33 – Is there a proper order for edge jointing, face jointing, and planing?
00:17:45 – What grit do you usually use on your drum sander?
00:20:05 – What design elements would you incorporate into a benchtop drill station?
00:21:40 – Are you liking your new jointer?
00:22:30 – What is your method for balancing just getting it done with learning along the way on a project?
00:24:48 – What is the cutoff for an apronless tabletop before a center support is needed?
00:26:20 – Is there a way to get access to the email extras?
00:27:15 – What wooden siding should I use on a carport and how can I protect it?
00:29:55 – How mobile is your mobile drum sander?
00:30:40 – What’s the shelf life of hard wax oils?
00:32:45 – Where do I even start when laying out a new shop?
00:37:05 – How can I increase the infeed length of my table saw?
00:39:50 – What happened to the planer brackets?
00:41:22 – Is there a brand that is about as good as or less expensive than Woodpeckers?
00:44:26 – How can I build an end grain cutting board for someone who lives in a drastically different environment than I do?
00:46:10 – Can you share pictures of your outdoor furniture to show how they’re holding up?
00:49:00 – If I have a Domino, do I need a biscuit jointer?
00:49:55 – Should I level my garage floor for woodworking?
00:52:00 – What goals do you have for the rest of the year?
00:55:53 – OSMO discussion
01:00:22 – Thank you to our new Patreon subscriber
01:00:40 – Congratulations to the guild project winner!
01:02:00 – Do you prefer your dust collection filtered or vented outside?

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