Rant Over, Gotta Poop – TWW Live!

Morning Show - November 22, 2019

00:02:30 – It’s Friday Live
00:02:54 – Are you doing an updated gift guide for the holidays?
Handmade Holiday Guide Submission and Past Gift Guides
00:03:45 – Guild Secret Santa
00:04:45 – WoodWhisperer guild sale. Theme this weekend is Greene and Greene
00:05:50 – What are your opinions on the new Hammer planer / jointer combo?
00:06:40 – Can a hybrid saw be an effective cabinet saw if you enclose the base?
00:11:50 – Thank you to our new Patreon subscribers!
00:13:20 – Why use reducers at the end by the tools in dust collection systems?
00:15:15 – How can I fill in an empty mortise hole?
00:16:35 – Can a piece of baltic birch plywood support a miter station?
00:18:40 – What’s the best practice for jointer setup?
00:21:57 – Why do you not do a live camera feed anymore?
00:26:30 – Are helical head machines worth the money?
00:30:20 – What wood should I use if I want to make a quilt stand?
00:35:05 – What are your thoughts on table saw router table extensions?
00:36:40 – Do you have any recommendations for blast gates?
00:37:42 – What finish should I use for heat resistant butcher block counter tops?
00:39:20 – Would you run PVC through a planer?
00:40:52 – Why is there a delay on the clock and the real time?
00:42:05 – Are you going to do understorage for the extension wing of the tablesaw?
00:42:55 – What kind of knockdown furniture do you recommend?
00:46:30 – Is it ok to spray water-based acrylic over stain?
00:48:55 – Wood Whisperer product recommendation of the week!
00:52:25 – What rust remover do you recommend? Friday Live Product Page
00:56:00 – Guild project winner! Congratulations
00:56:30 – Cutting board show and tell
01:02:10 – Greene and Greene project sale this weekend!
01:04:15 – Do you get paid if ads are skipped on YouTube?
01:04:50 – Do long grain cutting boards actually dull knives quicker than end grain cutting boards?

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