Raisins for the Troops – TWW Live!

Morning Show - November 9, 2019

1:08 – Welcome to Friday Live!
2:00 – Nicole is participating in Treats for our Troops
2:46 – Thanks to our Patron supporters!
3:02 – Nicole was in an accident :(
6:07 – Thanks Minneapolis Woodcraft for playing Friday Live!
7:03 – Last day for discounts on the Phillip Morley table!
7:53 – Ashley Harwood spindle turning is coming soon!
8:13 – Guild weekend sale – Guest Instructor Project Sale!
8:56 – Can the Fremont nightstand be made with floating tennons or dowels?
10:34 – Guild Leather-Bound Notebook Pre-Order until Dec 1
12:15 – Pocket Knife display case coming soon to the free site!
14:02 – Cool tools – Pin vise and bits
17:01 – PM Vs. Laguna dust collector – Which one should I get?
20:24 – Do you have a smoke detector in the shop?
22:23 – Woodworkers Fighting Cancer totals!
25:20 – What made you switch from the Bosch router back to the OF1400?
27:25 – Do you find books to be the best source for inspiration and learning?
30:28 – Are you doing a video on the Festool MFT cart?
31:06 – Do you often need to buy lumber longer than you need due to twist\cupping?
32:38 – I have to do a lot of box sanding, would you recommend a disc or belt sander?
33:38 – Would the Morley table work well for extension leaves?
35:52 – Can you dye wood and then route through it?
39:05 – Can you use Festool Surfix instead of Rubio Monocoat?
41:15 – Does the Forrest Dado blade leave grooves on each side?
43:44 – Do you have a dream project you haven’t built yet?
45:00 – Is Marc starting to be intrigued by CNC?
48:23 – Can a piece of furniture accept a water based stain after using a citrus based stripper?
49:40 – My domino’s are ultra tight when dry fitting – is this normal?
52:43 – If you had to do the Roubo again, would you still use soft maple?
55:38 – How do I account for wood movement when using sliding dovetails to join a table top to the base?
57:23 – Should I be careful about sanding to certain grits before finishing?
59:41 – How do you prevent rust on your tablesaw?
1:01:21 – What would you like to do in/to your shop that you haven’t yet?
1:04:27 – What did you do before woodworking?
1:08:52 – Do you have a story behind your tattoos?
1:12:57 – What is Marc’s story?
1:16:15 – Guild project winner!

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