Quiltpeckers – Friday Live 11/30/18

Morning Show - December 3, 2018

1:36 – SimpleCove Contest – https://www.simplecove.com/contest/2018-year-review-contest/
3:00 – Nicole is getting glasses!
3:32 – New Patreon supporters – https://www.patreon.com/woodwhisperer
4:30 – New Woodpeckers tools – Polygauge SS – https://www.woodpeck.com/onetime-tool-polygauge-ss.html
6:39 – The only reason everyone showed up today – The Giveaway
8:08 – Why Marc’s got the OneTimeTools
8:55 – Polygauge Demo/Q&A
11:40 – Marc is popular with the Instagram ladies
12:15 – Full disclosure on the Woodpeckers goods
14:54 – How do you utilize your drum sander in your workflow?
17:15 – Do you have any ideas what next year’s projects will be?
17:38 – Any experience with the NOVA DVR Drill press vs a Powermatic?
19:44 – Do you have opinions on variable speed drill presses?
20:40 – Can you talk about end vs long grain cutting boards?
23:05 – Sculpted rocker on sale this week – https://thewoodwhispererguild.com/product/sculpted-rocker/
24:20 – Are there visual clues on appropriate amounts of glue and clamp pressure?
27:08 – Ben can’t apply glue appropriately
27:40 – What is the laser level you used to layout your alcove cabinets?
30:05 – How can I fit doors to a cabinet that is not square itself?
32:17 – Marc is a terrible trim carpenter
33:45 – What happened to the Guild scholarship?
34:55 – Have you met James King?
36:00 – How do you go about putting stars in a wooden flag?
37:43 – Would ipe be good for a glued up mallet head?
38:35 – Would glue be sufficient for a bookcase shelf in a dado, or would you use screws as well?
40:32 – Will you have a book bundle with both books when the new one releases?
41:40 – Is a jointer planer combo worth it if I’m doing mostly hand tool work?
43:50 – How do you get past the anxiety of cutting into expensive stock?
47:05 – What was a tool you felt like you had to have, but when you got it, you realized you didn’t really need it?
49:27 – Is there an advantage to breaking a large tenon up on a breadboard end vs one large one?
50:13 – When will we see a plan for the tapering jig?
51:11 – How high a grit do you use on your drum sander?
51:38 – Any recommendation for wheels to use for mobile tools?
52:32 – Is there etiquette for buying used tools?
54:13 – Have you played Starcraft?
55:45 – Do you have a guild project you recommend for someone who has a limited shop? https://thewoodwhispererguild.com/product/shaker-table/
57:08 – Is it possible to get guild projects converted to another format other than sketchup?
57:47 – DelVe square winner! – Mark Nylan
58:40 – Guild project winner! – Greg Brown