Prescription Eye Protection – Friday Live!

Morning Show - June 29, 2018

1:07 – Marc’s glue caddys for IWF
3:02 – Why doesn’t IWF ever come to the west coast?
4:25 – Mail time!
6:37 – New glue roller –
8:51 – Prescription safety glasses 
13:05 – What do you use for countersink bits for plugs? Do you cut your own plugs? Marc’s Countersink

Plug Cutters
18:38 – Any advice on how to convince my wife to let me spend lots of money on woodworking tools?
20:20 – What’s the best finish to keep my maple white and not yellow?
21:45 – How do you remember the direction and orientation for your handplane irons?
25:25 – Any idea on where to buy router templates?
26:56 – If you could go back in time and rename your business, what would you change it to?
28:25 – Do you think the Festool plunge router is worth it?
32:13 – How do you handle dust collection for handheld tools? Is a dust extractor that much better than a shop vac? Oneida Dust Hood
36:52 – What plunge router bits do you consider must haves?
38:20 – Why do you need a router bit to flatten the benchtop if they’ve already been planed before?
42:03 – What about a beginning set of bits for a router? Nice bit set.
45:00 – Can I put a wedge under my track saw to cut a bevel that isn’t sufficient for a tablesaw?
46:55 – Any ideas on how to control humidity without an AC?
48:40 – How do you and Nicole combat Youtube burnout?
54:20 – How do you like your Blue Spruce vs Japanese chisels?
56:11 – Is it official that you miss the shop help from AZ most of all?
57:20 – Do you still play WoW?
59:06 – Guild project winner – Chuck Thompson!