Pooterball and Cysts – Friday Live!

Morning Show - June 28, 2019

3:48 – Welcome to Friday Live!
4:06 – You can get Friday Live on iTunes\Other feed readers
4:21 – Thanks to our new Patreon supporters!
5:50 – Thanks to MPowerTools for being understanding!
7:44 – Any advice on sticky jet parallel clamps?
9:34 – What router bits do you recommend for all around work?
10:44 – What is your most used router bit?
12:23 – What pencil do you use for marking dark woods?
15:!0 – How do I prevent “bouncing” on a drum sander?
17:53 – What are the differences between the 3 different whiteside spiral bits?
Can you sharpen router bits?
20:41 – Opinions on Clearvue Vs. Oneida?
23:20 – What router motor should I put in my new router lift?
25:22 – What advantage do dovetail chisels give you over standard chisels when working on dovetails?
28:27 – Marc & Nicole will be at AWFS at the Titebond booth.
30:01 – Is there an easy way to tell when you need to change your ROS disc?
31:49 – Any advice on drum sander sizes?
33:34 – Do you have information on exotic woods such as Paduuk
36:23 – Old combination planer, should I just replace it or upgrade it?
39:07 – How would you cut the back curve on the Hank chair without a bandsaw?

Hank Chair

41:27 – Guild Mentorships are back!
42:04 – What air quality meter do you use?
47:37 – Special military flag table project
50:02 – New chat on The Wood Whisperer Guild site!
50:47 – Is there a general rule for the size of wood you can resaw from 4/4, 8/4, etc.?
54:11 – What’s a jointer alternative?
55:11 – Can you resaw on a 14″ 1 1/2 HP bandsaw Or should I go with more power?
57:11 – Make sure you check the release year on guild projects?
1:00:21 – First bandsaw for woodturning?
1:02:56 – Should I upgrade my DeWalt planer to a helical head?
1:08:00 – What blade should I put on my PM 66?
1:09:56 – Where did you get your small hand saw?
1:11:00 – What do you use to scrape glue off?
1:12:30 – I have a riser block on my PM bandsaw and it is causing problems, is this normal?
1:14:40 – Do you have any safety tips for finishing in your garage?
1:20:02 – My Japanese chisel feel sticky after sharpening, do yours?

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