Please Don’t Touch the Introvert – TWW Live

Morning Show - January 17, 2020

Power Grommet for Furniture
Poly Whey Wipe-On Finish

00:01:48 – It’s Friday live
00:02:40 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers
00:04:35 – Cremona step stool showcase
00:06:10 – What’s the weight limit on the step stool?
00:07:45 – Power Grommet showcase
00:15:05 – Can you address the health issues associated with wenge?
00:17:50 – Can you compare the Festool Rotex and the smaller more ergonomic ROS?
00:21:17 – Is there a better material than flocking to line with?
00:23:28 – Have you tried Paul Seller’s oily rag in a can for lubing planes?
00:25:20 – How are you liking the Veritas planes?
00:27:40 – What’s a good finish for a maple desk that will keep it true to maple?
00:32:38 – What’s your favorite way to square large panels?

00:34:35 – Will padauk bleed into cherry? How can I prevent if so?
00:37:00 – How often do you use both tracks on your miter station?
00:42:00 – Are you going to have a meetup in Atlanta during WORKBENCHcon?
00:43:25 – Is maple a viable wood for outdoor projects?
00:48:20 – Can a router table be incorporated into a cabinet saw extension?
00:49:35 – Any recommendations for anti-fatigue mats?
00:55:20 – Do I need to make a crosscut sled for each tablesaw blade I use?
00:57:10 – Where did you get the clock behind you?
00:59:55 – What side do you prefer to cut your rabbet joints on?
01:01:30 – New video game segment!
01:06:40 – Guild project winner!

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