The Only Plane You Need – Friday Live!

Morning Show - September 22, 2017

Today we’re talking about how useful the Low Angle Jack Plane can be and of course, we have plenty of Q&A.

1:14 – Sweet Mugs
2:25 – Maverick Abrasives sandpaper
3:26 – Woodworkers Fighting Cancer
6:10 – Bontz Half-blind Dovetail Saw
7:48 – Guild Sale
10:00 – What wall mounting method is best for hanging things on the wall?
11:40 – What hand plane should I buy as a starter? Marc’s Pop. Woodworking Article/Video
13:54 – Wood Whisperer Amazon page 
14:39 – What did you use to finish your workbench?
16:55 – How do I get good edge joints when sawing my own veneer? Do I pre-glue my sheets together, then to the substrate?
19:30 – Can we get some hidden drawers in the upcoming guild projects?
21:30 – When is the guild frame project going to be available?
22:54 – Nicole Does way more than Marc.
23:38 – Can I add a bearing to a normal router bit?
24:12 – Dustin Penner Does Lots of hidden compartments.
25:15 – Is there a project you’re intimidated by and are saving until later?
27:27 – What are some good wood choices for my first cutting board?
28:40 – Would you recommend Narex chisels as a first set?
31:20 – What is the best way to flatten boards that have dados/fit into dados?
33:53 – Do you have any recommendations for getting a clear epoxy finish? Check out Peter Brown.
35:50 – What scroll saw do you own? The new Jet Scroll Saw
38:10 – What are you planning on making first with your scroll saw?
40:20 – Have you ever thought about doing a TV lift cabinet? – Jon Peters TV Lift Cabinet
42:19 – Have you seen the work by The Scroll Saw Scribbler?
44:06 – Is there a specific kind of paper I can use to protect my table saw from glue drips?
44:55 – Does Marc have an opinion between the LN and LV Block plane? Low angle or rabbeting?
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