Pain in the Neck

Morning Show - May 15, 2020

00:00:31 – Video starts
00:00:38 – Welcome to the Wood Whisperer Morning Show
00:03:30 – Mail time! Once Upon a Workbench, SandyEggoCNC, Matt’s Basement Workshop is back
00:08:05 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers
00:08:33 – What do you do to protect projects while waiting for finishes to cure?
00:11:10 – Which blade do you have in your tablesaw?
00:13:10 – Thoughts on the Woodpeckers Clampzilla?
00:16:50 – Is the sliding table saw worth the cost and space?
00:17:56 – What brand were the shop towels that you were sent?
00:18:52 – Any tips for getting great results when edge banding plywood?
00:21:25 – How can I best store all woorworking tools for over a year? T9 Boesheild, Corrosion Inhibitor and desiccant
00:24:45 – Can you leave the chip breaker on an iron when honing the edge of the blade?
00:28:20 – Why do grits vary by brand for sandpaper?
00:30:30 – What sized router should I get?
00:33:45 – What finish do you use on cutting boards?
00:37:25 – How can you keep your workbench clean when sharpening your tools?
00:39:00 – Is there a cost effective replacement for West Systems epoxy? Total Boat
00:40:10 – What tips do you have on properly burnishing the edges of a card scraper?
00:43:07 – Can a Forest Woodworker 2 be an everyday blade?
00:49:00 – Has your Jet clamp ever broke?
00:50:05 – What are you thoughts on the duragrit carbide sanding discs?

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