One-Handed Demo – Friday Live!

Morning Show - July 5, 2019

00:01:50 – It’s Friday Live!
00:02:05 – Announcements
Win a JET 13″ Helical Style Bench Top Planer worth over $700!
Matt’s Spice Box & Spoon Guild project leaves Pre-Order today!
Marc announced a new Guild project that starts next week:
00:06:53 – Are there any good resources for designing furniture for carcasses without small feet?
00:07:52 – How much detail do you plan on going into on the through tenons on the breadbox?
00:08:45 – If I only have the free level of the guild, can I still view the live viewing tonight?
00:09:48 – M Power Tools Router Base and Guide System Demo
00:24:19 – Coupon Code for M Power Tools (Only applies to their website. Not the Amazon store.) Use the code WHISPER50 to get $50 off the Mega BUNDLE: CRB7 + MHLF, Edge Trim & Edge Guide. Coupon expires July 19th
MPower in the Amazon Store
00:29:00 – What’s the difference between edge and face grain?
00:31:05 – Can you talk to the show pack lumber more at Austin Hardwoods?
00:31:50 – Do you ever have in-person guild events?
00:32:55 – I’m making a pine toybox…do I need to porefill?
00:34:43 – What do you use for an air compressor in your shop?
00:36:18 – What are some lesser-known tools that everyone should have?
00:38:20 – What are your thoughts on Wen tools?
00:38:30 – Any plans on doing a router basics video?
00:40:05 – Where do you get the leather covers for your holdfasts?
00:40:55 – When does the voting begin for the guild scholarship?
00:41:40 – Thank you new Patreon supporters
00:41:55 – Any chance on making doors or panels with the domino?
00:43:30 – Will the M Power Tools jig be in the WoodWhisperer Amazon store?
00:46:04 – Do you think Festool price is worth it vs other professional grade tools?
00:48:29 – If I start now, can I finish the Advent Calendar by Advent?
00:49:58 – Why do you think the edge guide system is necessary?
00:52:07 – Any yard game / summer-related builds in the future?
00:54:17 – Do you need a wheel or marking gauge for dovetails?
00:55:30 – Who makes the hexagon brass mallet on your back wall?
00:57:13 – Have you ever done a project with regrets after learning knew things?
00:59:43 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!

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