The One With Cremona -Friday Live

Morning Show - August 13, 2017

We have a special guest for today’s Friday Live PM Edition: Matt Cremona. Be sure to check out Matt’s website for more details and who he is and why his hair is so cool! Here’s the topic and Q&A rundown:

0:34 – Special Guests
2:21 – Beers of choice for tonight
3:56 – Denver area maker meetup
6:01 – Presents from Jen
8:37 – Dust collection alert adapter
10:35 – What did you use to remove the coating on your new chisels?
12:18 – Can you tell me about a brand of panel saw or what TPI to get?
13:29 – What brand of sandpaper do you use/does brand matter?
16:18 – Do you have any tips for replacing jointer knives?
18:06 – On your Blacker house chair, did you use a pattern for the inlay or do it free form?
20:48 – Where do you see your business 5 years from now?
25:39 – Can Matt describe what hair products he uses to grow 4″ of hair in one night?
26:49 – What advantages do floor standing planers have over benchtop models?
28:44 – What species is referred to as ironwood?
29:09 – Are dominos strong enough for a trestle table?
29:30 – With dado zero clearance inserts, do you just make it as wide as possible, or buy multiple inserts?
34:21 – Do you trust your taps in knotty pine and plywood? What size of tap do you recommend for 4/4 stock?
36:41 – What skill or technique are you working toward improving the most?
40:38 – What’s the deal with square drive screws?
42:00 – What’s your favorite woodworking feature?
48:05 – Where can I get some good online instruction for a handplane?
49:10 – Is there something you continue to do but know there is a better method?
51:29 – Advice for a hand tool cabinet?
52:52 – Should I sell my kapex since I generally use my carvex?
55:00 – How do you know the correct grit to sand up to?
57:15 – When will we see Nicole using the lathe?
59:05 – What’s the best way to reduce a fuzzy surface coming off a benchtop planer?
1:00:41 – Does endgrain always take stain darker than the edgegrain?
1:03:30 – Can I use 1/4″ wood as a back panel to a cabinet?
1:05:27 – Why aren’t you doing a roubo tool cabinet with Matt?
1:09:02 – Would sycamore or red oak be good for a roubo?
1:10:00 – Is a hot dog a sandwich or not?
1:10:33 – Is the market for artisan chisels and hand tools already saturated?
1:14:38 – Can you offer advice to use a tablesaw to edge joint material?
1:15:47 – Do you know any youtubers who sell mallets?
1:17:55 – When are some instances you’d choose water based finishes over oil based?
1:20:44 – New Patreon supporters
1:21:13 – Guild project winner

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