No Mic for Nicole

Morning Show - September 11, 2020

Good morning, it’s the Woodworking Morning Show
00:03:30 – Thanks to our Patreon subscribers!
00:04:00 – YouTube membership announcement
00:05:30 – Any update on the next guild projects?
00:06:50 – What is your take on different lathes and sizes?
00:10:47 – Part four of Nicole’s Desk Series premiering after the show!
00:11:15 – How can I get sharper lines when routing cursive?
00:13:15 – How can I plane a long board thinner than my planer can go?
00:14:49 – Can a Lie Nielson rabbeting block plane do everything a regular block plane can do?
00:17:00 – What is the difference between horsepower in table saws?
00:18:48 – What is an advantage for going single phase in a table saw over three-phase?
00:19:35 – What is the ideal capacity for a table saw?
00:20:40 – Where can I find a nice hand stitch rasp?
00:22:00 – How can I protect a painted finish for outdoor use?
00:24:30 – What outdoor oil finish do you recommend?
00:26:22 – What color Rubio could give me an “antique” look?
00:28:20 – How much wood can I expect to have to buy for a project?
00:31:37 – Where’d you get that T-Shirt?
00:33:12 – What would you use to finish a bathtub tray?
00:34:30 – How would you finish the workbench top if you could today?
00:36:30 – Where can I find the clock?
00:40:57 – How can I get a cleaner finish with homemade shellac?
00:43:00 – If I hear cracking from my tabletop expanding, should I take apart and examine or just leave it?
00:44:45 – When using a Rubio color do you still use the pure non-colored maintenance oil as the second coat?
00:45:55 – How can I keep my cutting board from feeling rough after initial use?
00:47:14 – Jet giveaway reminder
00:47:57 – Woodworkers Fighting Cancer update
00:50:10 – What changes would you make if you were to make the Roubo again?
00:51:45 – Would you ever consider giving paid lessons?