No Bad Matts

Morning Show - April 24, 2020

00:00:44 – Video starts
00:00:51 – Good morning, it’s the Woodworking Morning Show
00:03:50 – Thanks to our Patreon subscribers!
00:04:10 – Insulated mug plug
00:06:00 – Nesting tables clip

Nesting Tables

Nesting Tables

00:08:45 – What’s your buffing method for certain finishes?

How to Apply Rubio Monocoat to Furniture

00:09:45 – Why did you go with Milwaukee for your cordless tools?
00:12:25 – How long have you had Powermatic as a sponsor?
00:15:02 – How are you liking the size and layout of your shop? What would you change?
00:16:55 – What’s the best finish for an outdoor mahogany piece?
00:19:00 – What finish should I use for an end table that will have hot coffee mugs on it?
00:20:42 – What are some differences between Osmo and wipe on poly?
00:22:17 – Can we should at your “store” on the amazon app?
00:23:00 – Will Osmo help keep color and grain contrast of wood?
00:24:50 – How would epoxy react if applied to a waxed surface?
00:27:42 – Is there a good ratio on the thickness of drawer sides vs the drawer front?
00:29:00 – What’s the best way to glue hardboard to wood?
00:30:35 – Would an air filtration unit be less effective if it was on a shelf instead of hung?
00:31:50 – What’s a good tape measure?
00:34:15 – Where can I find the spreadsheet of previously asked questions?
00:35:48 – How do you know when an abrasive disc is spent?
00:39:08 – Do you have different chisels for paring vs chopping?
00:40:27 – Any recommendations on a belt sander?
00:43:00 – Would dewaxed shellac offer the same protection as regular shellac?
00:44:35 – What’s a good locking bevel or angle gauge?
00:47:00 – Is there a cheat sheet for what finishes can handle what abuse?
00:50:42 – What do you use to clean up epoxy squeeze out?
00:56:15 – Is Mateo a family name?

Mateo “The Apprentice” – March 2013

00:57:50 – Can you use the drum sanger for the big green egg table?
00:59:45 – What epoxy would you use to fix a chair?
01:01:40 – Guild project winner! Congratulations!

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