Nicole’s Above the Law – Friday Live!

Morning Show - January 26, 2018

On today’s show we take all of our questions directly from the chat room. Here’s the rundown:

0:09 – Nicole has uploaded every TWW video to Amazon Prime! Check out Season 1 here
1:14  – Marc got a free ear piercing from their new dog and he isn’t going to die from it
2:19  – Nicole is an outlaw for making an illegal left turn
4:22  – Gift from John and Marilyn – Wooden cowboy hat
7:03 – Is Rigid a good option for cordless tools?
7:17  – Have you ever made a video on raised panels for a study?
7:48  – What is the easiest way to cut dados? (FYI – Marc is writing a book on joinery!)
9:15  – Tool comparison and “which tool should I buy” questions
10:06 – Cleaning your respirator
11:55 – -What would you choose for a router table top – Baltic Birch or MDF?
13:06 -Any advice on dying a spline so after cutting\sanding it has the dyed color?
14:26 -Are there plans to include carving work into a guild buiild?
15:12 -Are you looking to add more presenters to the guild in the future?
17:14 -Would you add the Merle Multi-Corner Clamp to the Amazon Shop?
17:42 -How would you build a template for a Lazy Susan?
19:09 -Ness G contributed to Nicole’s ticket fund
19:49 -Will alcohol prep pads dry out the rubber on a respirator?
21:07 -Glazing wood
22:27 -Any thoughts on doing a design class in the guild?
24:19 -Paul got Nicole Coffee and reminded Marc of World of Warcraft
25:21 -When you buy a guild membership, are you a member for life?
26:00 -Free guild project to experience the guild – Picture Frames
26:09 -New Guild student discount C.R. Muterspaw Lumber
26:40 -Any special steps for electronics in the shop (keeping them clean)?
28:35 -Do you have a recommendation on a drum sander size?
29:42 -Have you ever used left handed rasps?
30:49 -Patreon contribution Vs. buying a guild project
31:23 -The proper Amazon link is
31:57 -Nicole learns a new joke about farting in church
32:38 -Repairing a church pew – Will a finish hold up to “butt traffic”?
33:18 -Does the Amazon affiliate link work in Canada? for affiliate links
34:12 -More support for Nicole’s ticket fund
34:39 -How would you mill a pecan wood tree?
35:43 -How would you do dust collection with only a shopvac?
36:44 -Where is Marc buying lumber in Denver?
37:15 -Patreon Thank You’s!