Nicole’s in the Closet

Morning Show - October 9, 2020

00:01:03 – Welcome to the WoodWhisperer Morning Show
00:01:15 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers and YouTube Members!
00:02:45 – Woodworkers Fighting Cancer – Submit your desk or bid on an auction until Oct 18th.
00:04:40 – How do you like the wireless charger on your desk?
00:05:04 – Last week for the Sketchup Project pre order

Intro to Sketchup

00:06:45 – Do you pre-sand your parts before assembly?
00:08:14 – Any advice for using a panel raising bit with a back cutter?

Making Raised Panel Doors

00:09:30 – Can I buy the Sketchup Course for someone else?
00:10:45 – Any tips to put value on board feet of wood?
00:12:27 – Are guild projects live meetings or recordings?
00:13:20 – Is pine that bad to build furniture out of?
00:15:05 – How do you position a cabinet saw for long rips?
00:17:12 – Have you experienced the slowness in the web version of Sketchup?
00:21:07 – How do you decide what goes on the free site versus what goes in the guild?
00:23:05 – What’s the benefit to applying a second coat to a “monocoat” product?
00:24:55 – Is there a beginner video series starring Nicole in the works?
00:25:48 – Can you put tung oil on cutting boards?
00:26:17 – Is jatoba a good wood for cutting boards?
00:28:10 – How do you sharpen your hatchet?
00:30:10 – How do you define exotic woods vs domestic?
00:31:40 – Is there still a scholarship or sponsor fund?
00:33:31 – What dust collector do you recommend?
00:34:50 – How do you manage a relationship while working together?
00:38:47 – How flat does the sole of a hand plane need to be?
00:40:00 – Is domino a method for doing breadboard ends?
00:40:30 – Any recommendations for an air compressor-ran HVLP?
00:40:57 – What is the bench hatchet for?
00:41:55 – When is your next BBQ video coming out?
00:42:25 – What do you do with your scrap wood?


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