Nicole Has the Man Flu – TWW Live!

Morning Show - December 6, 2019

02:08 – It’s Friday Live
02:20 – Guild project sale – clocks
02:53 – Mail time!
04:50 – New tee shirt preorder
07:20 – What’s the best way to understand angles in woodworking?
09:25 – Grandfather clock update
10:00 – Are the new shirts going to be any color but grey?
11:12 – Is Nicole wearing a Duluth Trading Company shirt?
11:40 – What are your thoughts on modifying the workbench and adding a permanent shooting board?
13:00 – How do you like the Festool line of sandpaper?
14:25 – Do you still drop the lower rollers to reduce snipe?
14:45 – Does stropping keep a tool sharper longer?
16:20 – Alternative clock movement source
16:50 – Do you prefer barrel grip or D handle jigsaws?
18:45 – What’s better for pattern bits? Top or bottom bearing?
20:25 – How can I spray a lighter layer of poly with an airless sprayer?
22:30 – What’s a non-flimsy ergonomic good marking knife?
23:50 – Would putting a magnet against my chisels ruin them or cause issues?
24:28 – I’m having trouble getting straight edges using a template. Any tips?
26:20 – Is there a rule of thumb for how many coats of shellac to spray before lacquer?
27:58 – Are there any further plans for guild projects in 2020?
30:30 – Have you ever done a video on making a router table?
31:35 – Do you have an updated opinion on your dust collection system, specifically your blast gates and magnetic connectors?
34:55 – How would you redesign the miter station to be a free-standing unit?
36:00 – Are you going to do another Christmas gift recommendation?
36:48 – Do you see yourself filling the guild with more content with Jason in 2020?
37:30 – What can I do to stabilize the edge of a live edge board?
39:25 – Are there any online woodworkers out there that you’d like to trade shops with?
42:20 – Would you consider doing Philip Morley’s lounge chair?
43:10 – Would you ever consider doing technique based lessons in the guild?
44:20 – Have you ever used mesquite in a project?
45:45 – When using a chop saw, the wood is pinching the blade…any suggestions?
47:40 – How long should you let wood sit after milling before starting the project?
50:15 – Guild project winner!
50:30 – Who do you follow online?
52:52 – What’s a good first piece of furniture to start with?

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